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How to choose the right technology for your dental practice?

cloud base bookkeeping for dentists

Wave’s built-in dashboard makes it easy to quickly access and understand your business’s financial information. Another outstanding feature is the fact an unlimited number of users can be added. FreshBooks is an intuitive, easy-to-use accounting software designed for small business owners who do not have an accounting background. It allows users to easily create invoices, manage projects, track expenses, track time, track loans and file taxes. Starting at $30 a month, which goes down to $15 per month for the first three months during the current promotion, QuickBooks offers four subscription plans ensuring users only pay for the features they need. FreshBooks offers four plans starting with the Lite plan at $17 per month ($6.80 per month during the current promotion).

cloud base bookkeeping for dentists

Top features for every plan include the ability to create and send invoices, track time and project profitability, claim expenses, bulk reconcile transactions and accept multiple currencies. We reviewed several cloud accounting software providers using a detailed methodology to help you find the eight best payroll services for small businesses. Our ratings considered factors that included starting price, price range, multiple essential accounting features, reviews by actual customers and scoring by our panel of experts. Easily invoice patients, set up recurring billing for payment plans, track practice expenses, and collaborate with staff on any device, at any time. Need a bit more help managing the financial side of your dental practice? ZipBooks also offers affordable payroll, tax prep, and bookkeeping services.

Consider Hiring A Dental Bookkeeping Professional

All your financial information – including historical data – will be at your fingertips and easier to share, available to view instantly without taking up any office space. It’s a modern way of working that will allow you to do things even better. We focused on five distinct categories using 25 separate metrics to arrive at our ratings for the best providers. Here’s a look at each of these evaluation criteria in more detail.

  • Multiple bookkeeping and accounting software and tools have been launched into the market.
  • In the event of a natural disaster or fire, being in the cloud means business productivity doesn’t need to be affected because there’s no downtime.
  • As mentioned earlier, make sure you look at what software integrates with other software, including your practice management system, and how it will impact or automate your workflow.
  • Gusto offers payroll processing, work authorization forms and direct deposit.

This is much more secure than the old-fashioned way of emailing your files or sending out a USB stick with your data on it. The data in the system isn’t up-to-date and neither is the software. This means events such as changes in regulations cannot be reacted to in a timely manner and the benefits of adopting changes are 6-12 months delayed (or too late!).


You’re making important decisions in your dental practice with incorrect information if your dental bookkeeping isn’t done correctly. Small business owners may need financial statements to qualify for small business loans; in particular bank and SBA loans. Financial statements are also key if you decide to sell your practice, to understand the value of a practice you may want to acquire, or to simply to help understand the value of your practice. When you run a dental practice, you want to choose management software that will make your practice efficient and organized. There are many options out there, so it can be overwhelming as you try to decide which one is best for your practice.

The monthly payroll allows employers to make deposit payments into employees’ bank accounts, access important tax forms and documents and create an employee portal for employees to access pay stubs and tax forms. QuickBooks also helps users automatically calculate taxes to avoid end-of-the-year surprises. At any time, users can access their Sales Tax Liability Report to view up-to-date taxable and non-taxable sales. Shift does the heavy lifting for you but will require some information from you first in order to provide you with the insights your clinic needs.

Accurate Payroll & Billing

Using the right tricks and tactics of bookkeeping, you cannot only keep up the financial health of your dental practice but also bring a blooming change to the other primary operations of your clinic. As a small business owner, you might be concerned about a cloud service provider storing your data. But the cloud is one of the most secure ways to store information. For example, using cloud software, if your laptop is stolen, no one can access your data unless they have a login to the online account. With cloud software, this is where the data lives –as opposed to on your hard drive. This used to be an area that only large businesses with internal accounting teams could tap into.

There are four basic areas you should consider when choosing a cloud accounting software solution. The first is cost, as every company needs to find something that fits into its overall budget. When considering cost, look at the monthly subscription fee costs as well as any third-party costs, such as integrations with other software, that may be necessary to have an efficient dental bookkeeping accounting system. We’ll be glad to explain how our dental practice bookkeeping specialists can help you save time and money. Overall, dental bookkeeping requires attention to detail and base knowledge of bookkeeping guidelines. You’ll need to use an industry-specific chart of accounts, reconcile financial data and make sure that the books are properly closed each month.

MOGO Cloud

Nowadays, however, with the help of real-time accounting, any sized business can have access to this data to monitor and improve their practice performance. One thing we often see in common between poorly-run practices is that they have yet to embrace digital accounting and cloud software. Some practices are still relying on paper records for their accounts. Paper records are on their way out and digital accounts are the future. Dental Bookkeeping’s primary goal is to reconcile financial data in your practice and make educated decisions based on those results.

For $27 a month (which is currently $2 per year for the first year), the Kashoo plan is an advanced accounting plan for medium- to large-sized businesses. Advanced features include double entry, payroll integration, project cost tracking, customization options and the ability to collaborate with an accountant. Neat just has one pricing plan making it easy for business owners who have a hard time deciding on which plan to choose. For $200 per year, users can have access to features like unlimited real-time reports such as profit and loss (P&L) statements, cash flow statements, balance sheets and transaction reports. Users can also create and send custom invoices, secure payments through WePay and provide accountants with access. The plan also comes with unlimited storage, unlimited access to personalized support at no additional cost and a mobile app to upload and match receipts to expenses in real time.

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